My top 5 baby gear picks!

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to try many different baby (and kid) related products. I’m so happy to be able to carry that experience over for my postpartum clients.


  1. The Summer Infant Swaddleme® Original swaddle.

Swaddling keeps your baby snug, just like they were in the womb. Swaddling can also help reduce the startle reflex so baby can sleep better. Opt for the multi-pack, you’ll be glad you did!

2. Nose Frida®! AKA The Snot Sucker.

Yeah it sounds totally gross but there will come a time when you throw reason out the window and suck snot out of your baby’s nose.  Get one for each person who will be caring for your baby.

3. Booby Tubes

These are fabric tubes filled with flax seed. They can be used cold or hot depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Booby Tubes can help reduce clogged milk ducts and reduce swelling and soreness from engorgement.

4. The Mommy Hook

This clip is great! Clip it to your stroller handle and load your shopping bags and purse onto it and you’re all set to keep shopping. When you get home you can clip The Mommy Hook onto all of your bags and carry it all inside in one easy trip.

5. Diaper Champ

I like this diaper pail because it doesn’t require special bags. They are an option, but the ability to grab a regular trash bag sure makes it easy.

That’s it for now. Check back for an update on some other awesome stuff that will make your life easier. I’m in the camp of work smarter, not harder.