Road Trip Snacks

cooler pic

We went on a road trip recently. This annual trip always provides me with a lot of time to ponder life. They also often remind me of the frequent road trips my family took when I was young! As I was packing the cooler for our recent trip I thought it would be helpful to write up something for others to use for their own trips. A car trip with little ones is a whole new challenge, so I thought I’d focus on some tips that would be helpful. When all your attention is focused on the baby you will be so happy to just reach in and grab a snack and a drink you love!

Make a list of your favorite snacks to pack in a reusable shopping bag, and pack it up! We usually bring Smartfood, Quest Bars, PB crackers, bananas, bread/rolls, pretzels, and almonds. I also throw in some utensils for the mayonnaise and cottage cheese. I repackage our snacks into small reusable containers, or sandwich/snack bags when needed, so I’m not lugging a ton of extra stuff. A car is only so big and you’ve got some other things yet to be packed!

Gather your favorite drinks and grab-n-go foods. I like to use reusable ice packs instead of bags of ice to cut down on all the dripping and leaking. I really like to use the ice packs that come with fresh food deliveries like Hello Fresh & Plated because they stay cool for so long.

Our favorite go-to foods are:

Cottage cheese, apples, mustard, mayonnaise, cheese sticks, frozen juice boxes (for the older kids), water, lettuce (for your “sammies”), and veggies & hummus.

This all might seem like a lot of food, but I’d rather not buy more food just for the trip. Our annual holiday road trip is about 6 hours long, and then we have some of our favorite snacks during our stay and maybe a little bit for the return trip too.

Don’t forget to toss in the paper towels, napkins and baby wipes! These are super important and having baby wipes are a great extra even if your little one is potty trained.

Other helpful things to bring:

  1. A great co-pilot (AKA D.J., G.P.S. guru, joke master) is imperative!
  2. A rockin playlist!
  3. Phone chargers!
  4. A blanket for yourself, and a neck pillow. You might not sleep, but your neck will thank you if you do nod off. That’s entirely possible with a new baby in your life. Right??

When I was a kid we had an electric cooler for our car that was pretty awesome. It plugged into the car’s 12v outlet. You can check out Amazon’s top rated listings here if you have a lot of long car trips in your future. You will probably also benefit from a 20-25 amp fuse if you’re planning to use a 12v splitter to accommodate 2 items in one car charger. Ask me how I know. ; )

Happy Travels Family!