Baby, it’s *really* cold out there!! Ten tips to battle cold temperatures for you and your home.

freezing bird

New England is full of old homes and winter can be unkind to them. These tips can help you stay a little warmer and prevent problems when the cold weather sets in.

  1. Drain and turn off your outside spigots before the freezing temperatures hit.
  2. Turn up your thermostat! There’s more to this than just feeling warmer. Warming your house up will help keep frozen house pipes at bay.
  3. Open the cupboard doors under your sinks. This will also allow heat to get to your pipes and help prevent freezing.
  4. If you keep your house at a lower temperature, let your faucets drip at night.
  5. Turn your ceiling fan on, but change the direction to clockwise, to push warm air down. This helps circulate warm air.
  6. Use heavier/thicker weight curtains to help block the drafts around windows and open them when the sun is out.
  7. Replace old windows.
  8. Having your gutters clean will help prevent ice build-up and roof top damage.
  9. Insulating your pipes can raise the temp 2-4 degrees! It’s a pretty easy DIY job, but can also be hired out.
  10. If you have an attached garage keep the outer garage door closed to help prevent cold air from coming into the house.

If you want to go beyond these steps of protecting your home contact RISE Engineering for a home energy assessment. If you need a little inspiration to get through this weather, check out these Winter Escapes.


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